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From the President

Dear Colleagues,

It is my honour to greet everyone across the continent in this first communication from the new executive committee. Firstly, we are conscious of the anticipation of this communication from everyone since our election in July 2017 in Tanzania. We must apologize that it took us this longer to be in touch with you. Needless to say we had to deal with certain administrative challenges like transitional handover, database clean-up, and setting up of the communication platform etc. We really appreciate your patience and cooperation. In line with the mandate bestowed on this executive, we are in the process of finalizing our Action Plan, we kindly request you to share your annual plans so that we can align ours accordingly. As you may know, our profession faces untold differed challenges from country to country. Amongst my vision for this executive is to establish and capacitate the committees which will enable us to collate the issues and derive intervention strategies per issue. The other issue is to develop the financial strategy for a sustainable AFCO and to enable the executive execute its program of action and therefore realize its goals. We hope this will help us have a formidable and stable membership in all the countries.

Patrick Mawila

President AFCO

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