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Tanzania to host the AFCO 2022 Conference.

Tanzania has been granted the right to host the AFCO Conference and AGM 2022.

In its letter to Tanzania, the AFCO Board has confirmed that the event will take place from Wednesday the 13th to Friday 15th July 2022.

Further on its letter, the AFCO Board clarified that the theme of the conference will be “VISION FOR EVERYONE: THE ROLE OF OPTOMETRY”

This theme was chosen to align Optometry in Africa with the United Nations’ resolution on vision, entitled, ‘Vision for Everyone; accelerating action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Tanzania is among several countries which put forward requests to host future AFCO conferences. Among them was Ethiopia which was to hold the AFCO conference in 2020 but the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kenya was among the interested countries and managed to host a Hybrid AFCO Conference in August 2021. This was a very successful event for a young optometry association and was the first hybrid AFCO conference. The conference in Tanzania is expected to attract delegates from neighboring countries and throughout Africa.

In its letter, the board congratulated Tanzania on its efforts and assured them of utmost support in achieving the collective goals.

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